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Passive 3D-Stereo Monitor


Designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional high resolution visual collaboration - even in 3D-stereo

Built By Professionals, for Professionals

The 3D GlobeView is designed from the ground up for professional applications. The display incorporates the latest standards in digital video technology, i.e. 1x USB Type-C 1.4 port, 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4, 2x USB 2.0 – so that multiple 4K sources can be connected simultaneously, switched between and displayed in native resolution. The display has been optimized and tested with a range of the most popular professional graphics cards, controllers and content sources, in order to make solution deployment easier and more successful for applications, including:

  • Geospatial software

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

  • Process Control

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Architecture

  • Visualization and Simulation

  • Medical Imaging

  • Digital Post-Production

  • Science – Academic Research and Commercial

  • Financial Analysis

  • Control Room

  • Collaborative Conference Room / Team Room

  • Digital Signage

  • 3D-Training and Education


for Professional Applications

The 3D GlobeView is an ultra-high resolution, large display panel with a resolution and picture quality in 3D-stereo not seen before in large-format LCD displays. Designed specifically for high resolution professional applications, the 3D GlobeView display offers the image quality, connectivity, industrial design and configuration options required for professional and mission-critical environments.

As a 3D-stereo display, it is ideal for stereoscopic, true-depth group visualization and team interaction, offering a unique combination of very large screen area and high pixel density. It is ideally suited to provide high-resolution visual information, for instance in mid-sized conference rooms. The display surface of the 3D GlobeView can be expanded horizontally by adding additional units to create a 3D Powerwall.

For applications such as oil & gas exploration, geospatial intelligence, command center collaboration, engineering design visualization and simulation, the 3D GlobeView delivers the ultimate visual 3D-stereo or VR-interactive display surface in this format.



  • 80“ Ultra HD resolution (3.840 x 2.160) LCD display

  • Supports native 4K at up to 120Hz with HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity

  • 1,07 billion colors at full 10-bit color depth

  • Advanced multi-source viewing

  • Fan less, whisper quiet operation with built-in power redundancy, significantly reducing failure risk

  • Low cost, reliable passive 3D-stereo, flicker-free

  • Effortlessly move between 2D and 3D content with today’s latest generation of graphic cards

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Dive into a world of immersive imagery and unparalleled clarity as you explore the capabilities of our groundbreaking displays. Download our brochure today and unlock a new dimension of innovation and creativity in your visual experiences.

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