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Next-Generation Powerwall with High-Resolution 3D - Plug-and-play 3D VR flat screen.

  • Hold impressive VR demonstrations
    any time and anywhere.

  • The image quality remains impressively clear, even from close range.
    Pixel size only 1.5 mm.
    Up to 12 input sources can beconnected simultaneously


Typical areas of application

  • Digital prototyping

  • Virtual planning for factory plants

  • design and function analysis

  • installation space testing,

  • flow visualization

  • ergonomics.


Configurator for your POS
(at trade fairs and events) in 3D stereo quality, e.g. for cars, architecture, interior decorating.

Demonstrations and Presentations

For large, stationary installations (machines, plants, etc.) at trade fairs Conference room system
PowerPoint, image film in 3D stereoscopics, product marketing, telephone conferences, team meetings

CAx CAD/CAM/CAE/CAQ (tomography), FEM, CFD, robot simulations, haptic examinations, medical technology smart

Medical visualizations

3D stereo analysis of protein and molecule chains, tomography (including mammography) visualizations and digital preparation for surgery and operations in 3D stereo.


Visualizations of complex urban maps, buildings, roads and infrastructure,
“digital cities” (statistical data and augmented reality).


Security center
Live video evaluation of up to 50 HD video sources plus an automatic alarm system.


Educational applications
Visualization of complex interrelationships,
e.g. for mechanical engineering studies, chemistry band physics lessons.

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